Letter: Mil Gracias

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By The Staff

On behalf of the Las Vegas Children’s Dance Theater, a mil gracias to the following individuals who donated artworks, services and other items of value for our successful silent auction at our recent performance at Ilfeld Auditorium: Sandi Ault, Rebecca Bourbon, Tito Chávez, Louise Cordova, Steve Ediger, Ray Finck (Ray’s Woodworks), Percyne Gardner, Cristina Gonzales, Andrea Gottschalk (Unikat Fine Jewelry), Susan Hayes, Vince and Vicki Howell, Susan Livermore, Caetano Mendoza, Mary Miller, Julianne Salman, Karen Spitzer, Sharon Seto, Christopher Thomson, Susan West and Mary Jo Whiteman.

I also thank Cindy McLeod, Rio Gallinas Charter School, Friends of Rio Gallinas, Tara Trudell (Clarity on Bridge Street), the Las Vegas Art’s Council, NMHU and Donna Martinez at Ilfeld Auditorium.

As a result of this outpouring from the community,  our trip to Jamaica became a reality. The dancers took part in a week of classes and workshops with young dancers from all over the world, as well as performing in the theater at the Edna Manly College of Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston.

Kathleen Kingsley


Las Vegas Children’s Dance Theater


PNM would like to thank the following employees and customers for their donations on the 2009 PNM Back to School Fund Drive. School supplies were donated to Don Cecilio Elementary and also to Legion Park Elementary:

Dennis Gonzales Loretta Lopez, Jim Vaughn, Kenny Martinez, John Martinez, Mel Begay, Lila Solano, Becky Lujan, David Chavez, Nancy Jefferey, Madeline Drury, Ray Jaramillo, Jimmy Hanes Jr., Joe A. Quintana and Catilyn Hannon

Loretta Lopez

Las Vegas