LETTER: Mil Gracias

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By The Staff

As an elementary teacher at Legion Park Elementary School, I am fortunate to work with some of the greatest people on this earth — the families of Las Vegas and their children. But even with such a great job, there are moments that stand out as spectacular events. The evening of Nov. 20, when we celebrated Harvest Night, was just such a moment.

With approximately 500 people in attendance, each grade level performed a song or poem for their families, followed by a spaghetti dinner sponsored by our PTA, and prepared by the Parent Involvement Committee and some special people from New Mexico Highland University.

Evenings as successful as this cannot occur without the combined efforts of many people; so I want to thank the following individuals and groups: The Legion Park PTA and Gloria Lopez, president, for their sponsorship; the Legion Park custodians, Orlando Chavez and Dominic Quintana; the Parent Involvement Committee for its planning and attention to the details (especially our parent member Petrita Grantham); the NMHU “Black Men In Motion” and “Ladies of Dynasty” for helping with the dinner; Sandra Baca, one of our cooks, who also led the other kitchen activities; the Legion Park teachers for supporting our efforts and working with the children; and Mrs. Chavez, our principal, and Mrs. Gill Martinez, our secretary.

Most of all, I want to thank the students of Legion Park, without whom our special evening would not have been possible.

Teachers have always felt fortunate to work with our future generation, but we at Legion Park feel that we are especially lucky. Thank you again, Las Vegas, for supporting our efforts and applauding our work.

Sumner Price

Las Vegas