Letter: Message from the grandparents

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By The Staff

On Tuesday, June 8, our granddaughter was hit by a pickup in front of her home. First of all, we want to thank the city police, the state police and the EMTs in helping with this terrible accident. To all of our friends, thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts.

When we moved to Las Vegas 11 years ago, we noticed that many drivers don’t pay attention while driving. It is common to see them slow down at stop signs but not stop. It is not unusual to see people speeding in front of our home. We have been passed on the right hand side of the road and often see people turning right from the curb-parking lane. We have had to swerve to avoid people parked by the curb coming into the traffic.

People of all ages are constantly on their cell phones or texting. As we have seen, people using cell phones while driving cause accidents because they are not fully aware of their surroundings. If people were to drive by being aware of everything around them, our granddaughter would be at home today instead of being in critical condition.

When these accidents happen, not only does it change the life of the victim but also it changes the lives of the parents, grandparents, all family members and close friends.

We plead with everyone who drives: Please think about this beautiful child in critical care in UNM hospital before you pick up that cell phone while driving, and just remember, this could happen to you.

Linda and Mickey Holley

Las Vegas