Letter: Medical marijuana case handled badly

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By The Staff

I am appalled at how law enforcement officers handled the case of the legal marijuana caregiver with his legal New Mexico license, in an article that appeared in this past week in the Optic newspaper.

 On July 28, I called 911 after finding the elderly man that I took care of, dead in his chair. He was also a patient on the New Mexico Medical Marijuana program, with John Emerick as his caregiver.

 Law enforcement agents came to my address to pick up the body. Police asked me about the “marijuana” plants growing in our yard. They also wanted to know if I knew anything about the pot plants growing next door in John Emerick’s yard. I told them the plants growing next door belonged to a legal “medical cannabis” caretaker who holds a license to help medical marijuana patients grow and use this medicine.

The narcotics officer, Mack Allingham, looked at the 12 plants that were being grown in Mr. Emerick’s yard. The officers reviewed the Department of Health legal paperwork, left all plants behind, and advised the Emericks not to worry, as they were in compliance with the law.

This was about one and a half months ago, the day I called 911.

 If the plants were as illegal as the D.A. and Mack Allingham claim them to be, officials should have removed all of the marijuana plants and growing supplies on that day. If they had done so, there would have been no plants for Mack Allingham to “discover” last week, and there would be no reason for the several charges against Mr. Emerick. This issue would not exist at all.

 Here in “the heroin capital of the United States,” I believe that the narcotics task force has better things to do than go after legal medical marijuana patients and their caregivers.

Sonya Korbyer

Las Vegas