Letter: Martinez did great job running fiestas

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By The Staff

I would like to comment on the fiestas this year.

There are 15 couples from Denver, Colo., who stay at the Sunshine Motel and there are four couples who stay at the Best Western motel for the fiestas. This was our 17th year in a row going to the fiestas.

I would like to let you know that we had a great time this year. We especially like the fact that the tree was not closed off this year for some of the elderly to sit and watch the entertainment you had.

When Inez was in charge of the fiestas, we were not allowed to stand at the bandstand to listen and watch the entertainment. The bathrooms were disgusting and this year they were cleaner than a few years ago, and we did not have to go pay for the use of the restrooms.

I want to let you know that we really appreciated the changes in the council this year. Mathew Martinez did a wonderful job, and I think the secret meeting Inez had against him is outrageous. Matt has done a fine job in the past and is very good at it. He is a fabulous emcee. Yes, the council all did work very hard but when you have one person who goes behind another persons’ back you don’t need them on any council. The fiestas are a big thing there, and people from all over go there and have a great time.

We do know that when Inez had control, no one was even allowed on the bandstand and she had chairs all around and would not even let anyone up there for pictures. The singers like pictures and the audience likes taking them and for her to stop that, that was not cool at all.

I know I am only one voice, but all the 19 couples have read this and I was voted to send an e-mail.

We think Mathew Martinez did a great job and the council members but when there is drama then nothing will go very well. We hope to see him do the fiestas again.

Mathew talks to the crowd, gets their opinion and feedback. He is in the crowd doing a good job.

I know this is just one voice but I hope you take this into consideration. Mathew has been on the radio station a long time. We get KNMX and listen to him all the time and we think Mathew only has Las Vegas’ best interest in mind.

Hope the fiestas continue and hope Mr. Martinez will be there again next year. He is very talented and a very good speaker. There have been some there who we don’t even want to listen to when they talk.

I don’t know Inez or Mathew, but I do know what each have done for the community.

Thank you and hope to be there again next year.   

Lorraine Ortega

Denver, Colo.