LETTER: Major economic initiative for area

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By Pete Campos

Northeastern New Mexico’s future depends on our ingenuity, collaboration and transparency. These characteristics combined with our collective education, experience and commitment to succeed will be the template for regional growth, development and preservation of our quality of life.  

This threshold approach will lay the foundation to rekindle confidence, friendship and respect for each other and to refocus the vision we all have to provide our region, communities and families with the employment opportunities and life we all expect and deserve.  For this approach to really work, it will take such characteristics such as rigor, transparency, a bona fide organized effort, wise use of existing resources, consistency and the well thought out and efficient planning for the use of future resources.

Luna Community College is leading regional efforts by implementing relevant academic and vocational programs. For example, the initiation and development of an equine science program that will serve as the base program to educate people interested in working at the racetrack slated for construction in Raton or to raise or develop products or care for horses that will support local commerce related to the horse racing industry.

By refining and implementing rigorous academic and vocational courses of study, ensuring that these programs are accredited, and educating and training the best possible graduates for the workforce, Luna Community College can help lead the way.  This approach will lead to highly qualified graduates, a skilled labor force and, ultimately, companies that will locate within the area or expand its recruiting efforts to hire the skilled labor pool we produce.

This also strengthens community partnerships because we can educate and train students in Las Vegas, Springer, Mora or Santa Rosa and remain confident we provided the best educational base for our graduates possible. Because of this initiative, I believe more students can either remain at home or go work where they choose and obtain a better paying job than they imagined.  

Lastly, by forming a strong LCC economic development component that focuses on job recruitment, business development and shared area economic enhancement, we will construct the bridge that links education to jobs. This economic development organization can assist our service area communities to enhance their infrastructure, develop their natural niches and stimulate their local economies.  Luna Community College is positioned to improve upon its educational offerings and to provide solid core subjects, relative academic programs and modern vocational technical training so people can attend college, build upon their skills and keep our region strong.

Sen. Pete Campos

Las Vegas