LETTER: Luna neglecting accounting program

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By The Staff

I am writing this letter to gain the attention of the Luna Community College Board of Trustees and administration. I have made several attempts to meet with the vice president of academics and the president and have been unsuccessful in getting my calls returned or meetings set up.

I am a two-year accounting degree major. I started my program in the fall of 2006. Excited and hopeful to advance in my college education, I went up to LCC and entered this program with the expectation that I would have my accounting degree within two to three years. Following that, I wanted to pursue my four-year degree at New Mexico Highlands University and pursue my CPA license.

My downfall has been that my classes at LCC are continually being closed due to low enrollment, and therefore setting me back in advancing in my degree process. Yet, I have noticed that other courses in other program areas remain open with low enrollment numbers.

I speak on behalf of my student peers when I express with great disappointment that LCC doesn’t seem to be interested in helping students in the accounting program to succeed. The administration neglects to acknowledge our concerns and frustrations, or provide any solutions. I have spoken at length with the program director in the Business and Professional Studies Department to voice my concerns and she has made several attempts to schedule the courses I (we) need, but the administration closes them.

What happened to the pronounced “open-door-policy” that the president advertises? I feel abandoned in achieving my educational goals and objectives!

I don’t have information available to me so that I can call on the LCC Board of Trustees, but I would appreciate it very much if you could help me look into this and find a solution to this ongoing problem. I don’t want to lose sight of my dream, and I believe that Luna Community College could be a great place to being a successful future.

Christine A. Romero

LCC Accounting Student