Letter: Lujan visits are disingenuous

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By The Staff

These so-called visits with the citizens in Las Vegas by our new (hopefully one-term) Congressman Ben Ray Lujan are fake and only intended to make Mr. Lujan appear interested in what we have to say. He has held only one public town hall meeting — immediately after he was elected. Now, he comes to town and only meets with selected citizens (like George Bush used to do) or with those folks who happen to hear about it weeks ahead of time and make an appointment to speak to him for five minutes in private. Does he think he is the Pope or what?

Those of us who are disabled and who can’t stand in the cold and rain to see him pass by are just out of luck. I supported him during the election because he seemed so accessible. But that was then -— this is now. Disabled people are apparently invisible to Herr Congressman Lujan.

Robert Jones

Las Vegas