Letter: Loehr off base in observations

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By The Staff

John Loehr did not tell us where he attended high school. I found it interesting that he seems so horrified that anyone would not like the president and some people would even use racial epithets to describe the president.

He talks about what a fine father and husband and basketball player he is. Of course, none of those attributes make for presidential qualities and abilities.

After sounding so holier than thee about people that would say ugly things about a sitting president, he so slyly slams President Bush. Ridicule of past actions should be tempered by giving credit to some one that quits drinking and stays on the wagon. It is possible that Mr. Loehr does not know anyone that has had a successful addiction fight and has no room for compassion.

Not that it matters, but I believe that Obama is an African American. I do not understand why he will not release his college transcripts, or a copy of a birth certificate. Mr. Loehr may know the answer.

P.S. He is correct — there are rational objections to Obama’s leadership.

W. P. Brown