Letter: Listing heath-care reforms needed

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By The Staff

I have health insurance and get health care from Medicare. I am one of the 85 percent of the American population that has health insurance and am extremely unsatisfied with having the insurance company attempting to decide what is best medically for me. My wife’s insurance cost about $55 a month; mine cost nearly $1,000 per month. I cannot receive any health insurance under another carrier because of my existing medical disabilities. We need health-care reform that does, at minimum, the following:

• Create a nonprofit public option that will provide medical, eye and dental insurance services and premiums to compete with the private for-profit insurance companies giving the American people a choice in plans, premiums and choices in insurance plans.

• End discrimination for pre-existing conditions by the insurance companies.

• End exorbitant premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays by insurance companies.

• Keep the insurance cap for deductibles below 21 percent (insurance is already trying to increase the rate from Congress to 35 percent).

• End cost-sharing for preventive care by insurance companies.

• End dropping of coverage for seriously ill by insurance companies.

• End gender discrimination by non-medical staff of insurance companies.

• End annual or lifetime caps on coverage by insurance companies.

• Extend coverage for young adults and children to continue their insurance coverage while in college, vocational or trade school until age 26.

• Guarantee insurance renewal instead of insurance companies dropping persons at will as long as the policyholder pays their premium on time.

• Revise the COBRA system to allow unemployed workers to maintain their health insurance at the same rate of premium as their previous health insurance premium when they were working.

The American people need a change in the health-care system now that is fair, provides preventive and health-care services and not feeding billions of dollars into insurance companies and overpaid CEO’s.

Dwane Durant

Las Vegas