Letter: Letter to a group of special youth

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By Rosalie Regensberg

This letter is addressed to the students from San Miguel and Mora counties who were pictured in the paper on March 19.

Congratulations to all of you for your accomplishment, your academic achievements are a pride to your parents, your school and your community.

You are all very special youth, with special talents.

Follow your dreams and don’t even give up. You were chosen to be leaders and role models for your peers.

Always believe in and love yourself. Keep a positive attitude and shoot for that goal. Remember that success is a journey, never an end. If you even run into people with negative attitudes, just remember the words of Elenore Roosevelt, who said, “No one can make us feel inferior unless we give our consent.” You are already climbing the ladder of success, don’t allow anyone to pull you down.

Be happy and enjoy what you do.

Hang on to your faith, remember that regardless of the weather, the sun will always shine.

Keep up the good work..

Rosalie Regensberg