Letter: Let down by elected officials

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By The Staff

I have some property between Montezuma and Los Vegiles; it was past to me by my parents. The only access to my property is the ridge. The bridge is in need of repairs. It has holes and the lumber is rotting. It’s been like that for seven years. That bridge was constructed by Storrie Lake project. I contacted Robert Quintana and was told he would bring it up in the monthly meeting and he would let me know the outcome.

I didn’t hear from him any more. It was in January when I first spoke to Robert. I then spoke to the state engineer back in May. They were more interest in taking my water rights away than helping me with the bridge. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do next. Somebody suggested I to go see Pete Campos. That was a waste of time. He promise to help me, he made an appointment with me, and didn’t keep it. He said he would call me; he didn’t do it. They are only interested in themselves, not in helping people.

Lorenzo Sanchez

Las Vegas