LETTER: Let this be the last train wreck victim

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By The Staff

Regarding the Jan. 15 report, another killed by train, how long will it take until some authority gets [guts] to take the initiative, no matter what department is responsible, to eliminate this tragedy from ever occurring again? Step up to the plate.    

There is no more time to waste trying to identify funding. Make it happen now.

We buried another victim this week — let this be the last.

Many friends and family members will be in immediate ability to help those authorities with any help and support they need, just call.

Without proper warning, it only takes seconds to realize an 80 mph train is upon you. Of course, it may appear that a victim may try to avoid the pending doom with no luck.

How many laborers, business owners, residents, propane tanker trucks etc. rely on the Transfer Station’s use daily? An electronic warning device needs to be implemented ASAP. This is not rocket science.

These sobering facts need and must be attended to immediately.

Family and friends have lost a wonderful human being.

We miss you. Michael Esquibel. Vaya Con Dios.

Keith and Mary Ward

Las Vegas