LETTER: Knowing what I know

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By Bruce McAllister

... I know when I accept a new employment position I am required to have a short learning curve to learn the organization. Regardless, I am required to do my job right now!  I am chosen for a job based on my qualifications — I do not have a year of paid “learning curve” built in.

I know that mission statements without the authority, training, planning and tools needed are no more than window dressing.

I know that operating a company (city) without a president will result in stagnation and wasted time and money. An organization must have a leader.

I know that in an organization nothing happens without a plan. The plan may change with time, but there will still be a plan.  No plan, no action!

I know that a company (city) without an approved budget cannot achieve objectives.

I know that if the economy is poor, that I must find effective ways to cut costs, defer bonuses and work smarter. I must ask my people, “What we can do to reduce waste and excessive cost?”

I know that if a department manager is paid high wages and the people working under him are not making a living wage, those workers will not perform at their highest level.

I know that management must keep documentation (ordinances) current. Proper document control must exist. Revision level and dates approved must be available to the organization.

I know that the person doing a job well is the best person to document that job and to train other employees for that job. If the job has no documented procedure, employees cannot do it correctly. They need guidelines and leadership for success.

I know that a lack of preventative maintenance on equipment will result in early failure and expensive repairs.

I know the ideas and input from a group of people focused on opportunities is far better than edicts from the boss.

I know that committees to study problems need a timetable to achieve their goal as defined in their mission statement. These committees must have the power to access any and all information that impacts the achievement of their objective.

I know that focus groups (public meetings) seeking improvements to the existing system must happen frequently.  The needs of the customer (citizens) must always be heard and action taken. If I do not listen to my customers (citizens), my business will not succeed.

I know a sports team with one person trying to play all the positions will not win.

I know I must tell the truth at all times so people can believe and follow me.

Bruce McAllister

Las Vegas