Letter: Keep mosque out of ground zero

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By Russ Jackson

People are people and we have friends from many cultures and religions but the Cordoba Mosque seems like more of a political statement than just “freedom of religion.” In 711 AD, Islam conquered Spain and in the city of Cordoba, as a statement, razed the Christian church there and erected their mosque. There are many examples of this happening in their conquests. Now, after 9/11, they want to erect the “Cordoba” mosque at ground zero in spite of the governor of New York offering land elsewhere. This is extremely insensitive to those who died by Islam’s hand at ground zero. Not to be naive, I suggest radical Muslims will hail this as their triumph over America — and that Americans are wusses.

Although they may deny it, it is too much of a coincidence that this  “Cordoba” mosque must be built in the ground zero area. If they deny it, keep in mind that contrary to our tradition to never lie, radical Islam believes their Qur’an permits them to brazenly lie to advance the cause of Islam — called “taqiyya” which allows one to outwardly feign loyalty and empathy to infidels (us) as long as Allah knows that inwardly there is hatred and hostility toward them.

If this concerns you, you should write or call Mayor Bloomberg in New York City asking him to reverse his position of having the Cordoba Mosque at ground zero.

Russ Jackson

Las Vegas