Letter: Judicial race critical to DWI

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By Joan Irene Krohn

Bill Norton’s letter about drunken drivers and apathy (Optic; April 12), reminds us how critical it is to have a strong judicial system. A magistrate judge election will be held on June 1, and voters will be asked to select one of the two candidates. Magistrate judges are the men and women who are on the front lines with DWI cases. We voters need to know the position each candidate takes on DWI.

We ask that both candidates write a position statement about DWI in their courts and publish it in the paper.

Additionally, we ask that a civic group like the League of Women Voters, the DWI Council or MADD, arrange for a debate between these candidates. The debate audience can then see for themselves who has the determination to help solve the problem.

If we, the voters, do nothing, then DWI offenders continue to drink and drive and kill. Picking a judge who is strongly committed to solving this drunken driving problem, is one small step. Please respond and thank you.  

Joan Krohn

Las Vegas