Letter: Has Franklin done research?

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By Carrol Pearson

Annette Franklin in her letter published on May 19th asks: “How can voters vote intelligently when facts are not revealed and discussed?” It seems that she is urging readers to do just that; to lay out issues of concern and discuss them.

Her letter covers a wide range of issues. I highlight here only a few of them.

Bearing in mind Ms. Franklin’s concern for fairness and for the need to expose the facts, I hope that we can assume that statements she makes have indeed been thoroughly researched and that evidence is available to back their veracity. In order that discussions may begin, I suggest that Ms. Franklin provide, perhaps in a follow-up letter or an “op-ed,” her sources and evidence for the following:

“There will be $100 billion less in economic output every year, and over 4 million jobs lost within two years.”

“Our payments into the Social Security trust are bust because $2 trillion has been taken by Congress for their pork.”

“The floodgates are to be opened to Mexican illegals (sic) to provide millions of needed votes pro-Obama.”

“The unconstitutionality of Obama health care forcing Americans to buy government goods and services.”

“The radical regulations imposed on gas, oil and coal, destroying US markets more than ever.”

There has been a “radical takeover of corporations and employees.”

“We are soon to have the largest tax increase ever as Bush’s tax cuts won’t be re-instated by current Congress.”

Only when the evidence for these statements is provided can the “fair” evaluations and discussions that Ms. Franklin encourages begin. Until that time, her letter seems to contain a litany of unsubstantiated (even though frequently repeated) assertions.

We need facts.

Carrol Pearson