Letter: Grateful for a city like Las Vegas

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By The Staff

My mother is Pat Harris and was talking to you about writing a letter thanking your city. She was thanking your city for the safe return of her grandson Nicholas Gage Kolb which is my son. (The letter ran May 22, 2009.)

He made a stupid decision and ran away from home. We live in Louisiana. I am currently having the typical teenage problems out of him and I decided to put the article in his baby book for if he ever grows up he can have. I just found the article dated May 2009. This is the first time I had seen it. I just wanted to thank you again.

That was the worse six days of my life and you and your city just really surprised me. Sometimes I think our city only helps people when it is beneficial to them. Like giving them TV time, etc., but you and your city are outstanding. Not only was my son helped by so many people like the police department, we were also helped by the article that you printed for us.

I hope one day he looks back at your article that is now in his baby book and says to himself, Why did I do this to my family? But you know as well as I do, right now, being 18, he still doesn’t understand exactly what he took from me or my family. If you’re a parent, I don't have to tell you what that was.

It has been almost a year. As you can tell, I still think about this. So many bad things could have happened to him. What if he would have turned himself in at a city that didn’t care and wouldn’t go pick him up at a gas station? What if he was killed? There is so many what-ifs.

The anniversary of the worst six days is coming up and I wanted to really just write you and say thank you again. Thank you for being the sympathetic, loving city that you are. If I ever get to go to New Mexico, I am going to have to come to Las Vegas, because I know there are loving, caring people there.

Sometimes I ask myself if I will ever get over this experience. I know now, being a year later, I won’t. The what-ifs just keep going through my head.

But anytime you are having a bad day, I want you to hold your head high. And, remember, there’s a family in Louisiana that thinks about you and your city daily.

Glad to know there’s a city like yours out there.

Rhonda Luther

Eros, La.

Editor’s note: This letter is referring to another letter, which ran May 22, thanking Las Vegas police for the way they handled a 17-year-old runaway’s desire to go home.