Letter: Good Samaritans on Christmas Eve

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By The Staff

On Christmas Eve, I was involved in a one-vehicle rollover accident near San Geronimo. I was trapped in my SUV, hanging upside down by the seatbelt. Hot coffee had spilled all over me and was rapidly freezing. I did not have a coat on and the sun had dropped below the Sangre de Cristos with darkness fast approaching.

Sally Flores and her daughter Sara, who were on their way home in San Geronimo, stopped to help me. Sally stayed behind while Sara went on to their home to call State Police and Superior Ambulance. My seat belt was jammed and we couldn’t get unbuckled. Sally slipped her hand through the passenger window and got my knife out of the glove compartment. She cut the seat belt and helped me get out of the overturned vehicle.

 Within moments, the volunteers of the Cabo Lucero Fire Department started arriving. They were all extremely kind and caring, assessing my injuries as first responders should do. I cannot remember any of their names, but their calm, caring, professional attitude was wonderful. These volunteers left their warm homes on a cold night to help a stranger.

I had never been completely immobilized on a backboard with a neck stabilizer and was beginning to panic. James, Mallory and Bobby from Superior Ambulance were awesome (even when they had to cut my clothes off). They were warm, caring and understanding. Through their professionalism they patiently calmed me. I was loaded into the ambulance for transport to Alta Vista Regional Hospital in Las Vegas.

 Sally Flores took my small dog home with her. Later on that cold Christmas Eve night she and her daughter drove all the way back to town over treacherous roads to bring my dog to me. I am beyond grateful for their generosity in not only helping me but in taking care of my pet.

The staff at Alta Vista Regional Hospital were great. The nurses, the ER doctor, and the x-ray technician were not with their families on Christmas Eve, but instead, were caring for those in need.

Finally, my thanks to Dan and Molly Johnson for also leaving their warm home in Sapello, driving in to Las Vegas to pick me up at the hospital, then taking me to my father’s house. It was a great act of friendship to arrive with smiles and hugs and assurance that everything would be OK.

Ruth Gardner