Letter: Elections need informed voters

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By The Staff

Elections are coming up. Our local government officials take an oath when they take office. Wouldn’t it be great if the oath said, “We pledge to work with the citizens of Mora to provide better services, jobs, education, environmental protection and all else that comprises a healthy community.”

How can three commissioners (in Mora) decide so much for all the citizens of Mora County? They better be intelligent, compassionate, proactive, participatory and principled. They sure could use the support of local citizens to form task forces and organize committees to research and develop sustainable alternatives to current and future challenges.

An effective politician is one who works hard and rallies people toward a common goal, just like any other effective leader. An ethical politician is one who sees right and wrong and always chooses right even though it may be unpopular or may cost him greatly.

It’s time to inform yourself about each candidate’s character, education, experience and commitment to serving the people of Mora, and vote for a person that is best qualified. Qualifications and accomplishments are important indicators of a person’s capacity to lead and follow through on responsibilities and initiatives.

The norm has always been to vote for whom your family votes. Perhaps it’s time each citizen of Mora gets to know the candidates and asks, “What is your vision for the future of Mora and what will you do to protect the good parts of our way of life? What changes will you make toward honesty, transparency and intelligent planning for our county government? What experiences do you have that indicate you have the skills, networks and capacity to run our local government?”

Marianna Lands