Letter: El Valle residents all in same boat

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By The Staff

Your news article about the proposed wind farm quoted rancher Gilbert Ortiz as saying, “Those against the wind turbines fear the impact on the area’s scenery ... and will bring any type of fear tactic to the picture.” He also stated, “The bulk of these people have just moved in the Valley. They don’t have a stake here.”

My wife and I may be “newcomers” but like all property owners in El Valle, we have a significant stake in the land and the community. Eighth generation or first generation, inherited or purchased, our fields and farms are something we all want to preserve and protect. While our families may have come over on different ships, we’re all in the same boat.

It is difficult to believe that an 18,000-acre wind farm with 40-story wind turbines will increase the value of anyone’s property in El Valle.

Robert Finley