Letter: Don't gamble with our future

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By The Staff

Mora County voters have put together an effective team of county commissioners who have made significant accomplishments. Through their leadership and vision, Mora County has made several improvements on many fronts, such as:

• The county budget has been balanced and has been brought out of the red, in spite of the difficult economic times.

• County employees were brought from a 32-hour work week to a 40-hours work week in order to serve the public effectively.

• County road conditions have improved tremendously and proper signage is in place for the safety of the public.

• County road crews are continuously working during inclement weather to clear roadways to ensure safety and public access.

• County road equipment, as well as other county equipment, has been upgraded or replaced to comply with federal and state safety requirements.

• Waste management station is now open seven days a week, including holidays.

• Waste management transfer station is being completely re-done to comply with current federal and state EPA regulations. An enclosed structure is being built to include ramps and walkways for the safety of the employees and the public.

Commission Eugene “Gino” Maés, as an owner of the construction company, has overseen the construction phase of the new Mora County Government Complex currently being built. He, along with the other county commissioners, has been actively attempting to acquire additional funding for the completion of this project. Commissioner Maés and the other commissioners recently obtained funding for the windows and insulation for the new complex.

Under the new Federal Jobs Bill, our complex qualifies for additional funding. Commissioner Maés has had countless meetings with our local state senator, state representatives, as well as New Mexico stimulus director, and former Gov. Toney Anaya. Because of such hard work and dedication, funding for this project should be forthcoming. Commissioner Maés has also been working to see that the White Peak land issue is resolved fairly and justly for the people of Mora County and continues to work to ensure our land rights for generations to come.

As a member of our team of county commissioners, Maés has worked hard for the public and wants to continue his work for the betterment of our county. No electing Mr. Maés to complete the work he has begun is a gamble Mora County cannot afford to take. Our current County Commission has brought some much needed dedication, improvement and change to Mora County government. Let’s continue moving forward! Re-elect Mora County Commissioner Eugene Maes as Mora County commissioner in District 2. Thank you for your support!

John Romero

Melvin Vigil

Mora County