Letter: Doesn't believe the self-defense claim

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By The Staff

I am appalled by the actions of District Judge Eugenio Mathis in the case against Richard Baca in the killing of Benito Lemos. The reduction of charges and bail on the basis of a self-defense argument is absurd.

I, like anyone who knew Benito Lemos, know that it was completely out of character for him to resort to violence to settle a conflict. But for the sake of argument, let’s suppose Benito did attack Richard Baca. Anyone with even a minimum sense of self-preservation knows not to open a car window more than a crack to a stranger, especially if it’s a hostile situation. Why would he open his car window enough for an arm to reach through unless he intended to use his gun?

The defense claims Baca was trapped in his car. Was it not possible to close the window, drive away, or move away from the window?

And those arguments aside, if Baca couldn’t have avoided pummeling, could he not have fired his shots at Benito’s hands or arms? Baca is either lying or a moron. And if the Army inducts morons, the whole country is in much more trouble than those of us subject to the local justice system.

Sandra Nepstad

Las Vegas