LETTER: Dissent doesn't equal disrespect

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By The Staff

An open letter to Congressman Joe Wilson (and those who support his outburst):

Presidents and their administrations come and go. This country was founded on principles and institutions — and not on individuals. The fastest way to erode the very foundations of this country is to legitimize the disrespect and contempt of these very foundations.

As Americans, we pledge allegiance to the flag and to the country — not any sitting president. In a democracy, there’s always going to be an unhappy minority. There will always be political winners and losers. Remember this. Your incredibly disrespectful outburst against your and my democratically elected president sends the destructive message that one only has to be respectful of sacred American institutions and offices when their candidate of choice wins.

A true American respects the democratically elected president and commander in chief and all of the American democratic process, regardless of whether they agree with the president politically or regardless if they like or dislike him personally. Dissent does not equal disrespect for the highest elected office in our great country.  

As an American, I am greatly offended by your actions.  I sincerely hope that you respect our country and institutions and that this outburst was an isolated event and not a statement of your true character and your core beliefs.      

Grady Barrens