Letter: Defending Duran, Gurule-Giron

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By Kim Delgado

In defense of council member Tonita Gurule-Giron and city employee Theresa Duran, I would like to point out that both women are being placed in an uncomfortable situation when addressing resident complaints, as reported in the Optic.

Ms. Duran’s position exposes her to catching fire from both sides. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. I wouldn’t doubt that council member Gurule-Giron may be fielding complaints from two wards on the west side.

I personally had a complaint, which I filed with the city back in May, and it didn’t get resolved until August. It took getting in touch with the mayor and city manager to bring attention to my concern and still, it is not resolved to my satisfaction. Ms. Duran does her part and cannot be blamed for the outcome.

It is my belief that council members should remain engaged with their constituents at least to acknowledge that they have not forgotten whatever concerns are brought to then. Is this too much to ask of our elected officials?

Kim Delgado

Las Vegas