Letter: Criticism of council, Optic

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By Emilio Arago

It is one sorry state of affairs when citizens may not criticize specific people. Who placed our elected representatives so high above us taxpaying citizens? Our representatives may not be mentioned in grievances? Why the double standard? How did our City Council come up with this policy?

It sounds like something out of George Orwell’s “1984”!

(On another topic) Don’t the Dons rate? Or is it they don’t rate with (Optic Sports Editor David) Kavanaugh? The Dons can beat (“surprise”) the Cardinals and they don’t get the photos (see baseball). The football season starts, and Kavanaugh reports on every team in the area, but not the Dons! Don’t cry later, when these athletes grow up thinking their negative thoughts about the only news organ in town — I know, cause my classmates and I saw this not-so-subtle exclusionary attitude, way back when — others saw it when Optics were mailed to us.

Is your paper so blatantly anti-West, or are you guys just incompetent, or racist, perhaps you are all three?

Emilio Aragon

Las Vegas