Letter: Criticism for anti-abortionists

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By Joan Irene Krohn

The answer to abortion is simple: No unplanned pregnancies. Yes, it is that simple.

How do we eliminate unplanned pregnancies? By providing comprehensive sex education in our schools and readily accessible and freely available birth-control to all. That’s the solution.

So why is abortion such a tumultuous controversy? This obvious and simple solution would eliminate the need for the majority of abortions.

That answer is also simple: The anti-abortion forces do not want to solve the problem of unplanned pregnancies. They want ancient religious texts that are anti-women, anti-child and pro-patriarchy to dominate our society.

Anti-choice forces promote abstinence-only education and limiting access to birth control. Has it worked? No! Has our numbers of teen pregnancies risen? Yes! Do they care? No!

It’s time we open our eyes and see the world as it is. Sexual expression is becoming freer. Will this social change reverse direction?  Doubtful. Will it destroy society? No.

 The anti-choice forces really want to put women back “in their place.” Have you ever heard one pundit suggest that the government castrate men who have impregnated women against their will? No.

And you never will. It’s almost laughable to suggest the idea. But it is apparently perfectly within reason to demand that the government make ordinary American women who want or need an abortion into criminals.

 My yellow pages list almost half a page of paternity testing and related services. It should be easy to identify the offender. But, unfortunately, it seems that the other half of an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy problem, the impregnator, will never be subjected to government laws.

It’s an old mother’s saying, and sadly true: If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

Can’t we please just “trust women” on this one?

Joan Krohn

Las Vegas