Letter: Consolidation would hurt schools

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By The Staff

I found the Optic’s article on the Las Vegas school consolidations survey interesting. However, I thought I was somewhat biased, incomplete and misleading. My first impression was that most readers of the article would have a tendency to support the consolidation based on what was presented in the article. I arrived at the conclusion that various key factors were inadvertently omitted and it would be a travesty if people would support the consolidation without taking into account some of the concerns I’ve identified.

It is my opinion that consolidation of the two school districts will have an adverse impact on: the community’s historical cultural diversification, the socio-economic impact to individuals and the community as a whole, the psychological impact on the educational philosophies of each of the school districts, the impact on the alumnus that attended either of the schools, and most important, the impact on the challenges of competition that foster intellectual (cognitive) growth and development. In essence, I’m not an advocate for consolidating the two schools just to eliminate a few jobs, save a few tax dollars, and pin a feather on some politician’s hat. Nor am I for consolidation appeasing athletic programs. What I advocate for in or school districts are affective and effective education all programs that would teach and emphasize social values and adherence to morality and manners.

Wise people make good decisions based on insight and common sense. Foolish people make decisions based on hearsay, gossip, lies and half-truths and on a moment’s notice.

Charlie Padilla

Las Vegas