Letter: Concerns about Mora County

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By The Staff

I asked my grandmother Rosalie Regensberg what would make her run from office again. She replied that with age also comes widsom and experience. Both of these virtues are something you do not learn in books. She also has other concerns.

She said the county had $2 million to remodel or build a courthouse Mora County could afford. The figures for the new courthouse are already up to $13 million. In addition, the structure that is constructed is only an empty shell! Her idea of remodeling was so that the taxpayers would not have to bear the burden. Already some funds from other programs, such as the senior citizens, have gone toward the new courthouse.

She would also like to see the budget published in the newspaper so the taxpayers will know how much money comes in, and how it is spent. Elected officials should have their telephone numbers published so people can contact them anytime they have a concern.

Illegal dumping is still a concern. Some say that especially during hunting season, the hunters take what they need from the animal and leave the rest, or dump the remains wherever.

Last, but not least, she says she would like to see unity among the people. There will always be differences of opinion, but people need to learn to agree to disagee and work together on important issues affecting the people, such as fighting higher taxes. The elected officials in New Meixco and in Washington D.C. need to see that we are united. “United we will stand, divided we will fall.”

I see my grandmother work at it, and I wonder where she gets all her energy. She tells me she has faith in her creator, herself and her fellow man. I know she really cares and wants to do what is best for the citizens of Mora County.

Ramon Garcia