LETTER: Concerned about posting positions

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By Rosalie Regensberg

I am concerned with the Mora Independent Schools administration and school board’s decision to post all the jobs for the coaching positions. A coach’s job is one of the most important positions in a school district. They are teachers, counselors and mentors.

They usually work with the teen population, which can be difficult. Teens are not children or adults. While they still struggle with adjustment, they want to be trusted. By the time they are teens, they have been taught right from wrong, however, teen group pressure or curiosity sometimes causes them to deviate for their goals. Our young people have a lot more good traits and talents.

I’ve always said that there is no such thing as a “bad boy,” only boys who are troubled for some bad experience they have had in their young life, so they strike back at a world they feel has done them wrong. When kids are in trouble is when they need love and support the most.

Some years ago there was a boy with a learning disability, who he had problems concentrating on his studies because he worried about his mother, a victim of domestic violence. I, myself, heard a teacher tell the boy he was worthless and would never learn. She was reported to the principal who defended the teacher. He was moved with another teacher who was kind and understanding. The new teacher spoke to the coaches who saw the potential in the boy and got him involved in sports.

Because the coaches believed in him he regained his self-esteem and his life changed. He moved out of the district, but this year he was responsible for winning most of the games for his school. He also has set goals.  

All because one teacher and the coaches saw his potential and believed in him.

President Lincoln once said, “When I do good nobody seems to notice, but when they feel I did wrong, the whole world gets on my case.”

The coaches, just like all of us, are human. They might make mistakes but I’m sure they take responsibility and suffer the consequences. But to dwell on one wrong, and forget all the good. is not right.

 The Mora Independent Schools board might have a good reason for posting all the jobs for the coaches. I, myself, have only witnesses all they have done; it is my feeling that they should all remain with the district.

Rosalie Regensberg