Letter: Carrying a gun ruined two lives

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By The Staff

This is for our kids in Las Vegas, Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and for all who had any connection with Benito Lemos.

I know that Benito Lemos’ death affected a lot of you, for whatever reason. Thank you for your support. I was impressed with the fact that there was so many people in his services.

No church could contain the people, so they had to have it in the Robertson gym and even there it was standing room only.

Benito was loved by all. The teachers and merchants all knew him as a great kid. He got his high school diploma and right away became a productive citizen. He got a lady, put her a home, not rented, but bought her a house. They had a decent car and was very responsible to keep them up. He, after great scrutiny, was hired as a mailman. Not just anybody can become a mailman.

People used to see him everywhere with his lady and kids.

What a loss.

Now, on the other hand, we have Richard Baca. I don’t know much about him, but from what I hear and read, I believe Baca’s future also looked very bright. But because of a bad decision of carrying a gun in the car, both lives were destroyed.

Look, kids, use this as an example. You see what happens when you carry a gun in your car. I’ll bet Baca regrets it now. If you have a gun with you, it gives you a false sense of security.

No matter for what reason this bad deal happened, both Benito and Richard’s life as it once was is over. Benito’s family wants justice, and the Baca family wants their son not to be punished for taking a life. But it’s too late. Baca had a gun, the Sixth Commandment has been broken and a life was taken. Now Baca has to answer for the life he took.

Use this as an example. All because a gun was in Richard Baca’s possession in the car. I imagine that if Baca didn’t have the gun in the car, this terrible thing would not have happened. Don’t carry a gun with you. If you must carry a gun, carry it in the trunk of your car. If Richard Baca would have done this, Benito would be alive today and Baca would be free. Now watch what happens to Richard Baca.

                 Francisco Lopez

Las Vegas