LETTER: Article was insensitive

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By The Staff

I am responding to your article on June 26th that provided details on the house on Tilden that the city is evidently targeting. I do know some of the history of the situation.

I feel that this article was not respectful to the owner and that this circumstance should be addressed in as private a way as possible. At one point, the situation is categorized as a “tragicomedy.” That description just stunned me because I know that to me, and I suspect to this owner, the possibility of losing one’s house and the reality of having our name and difficulties on the front page of the local newspaper paper is not in any way comedic.

I also have known this owner for many years as a huge-hearted person who would give someone in need (human or animal) the shirt off her own back and the last morsel she had.

Jane Gorman