Letter: Abreu was great for West district

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By The Staff

To the West Las Vegas School Board: Five and a half years ago we made a decision to move our family to New Mexico. We had fallen in love with the “original” Las Vegas and all of the benefits we felt it offered – history, local culture, educational opportunities, job potential, great weather, future friends, and a beautiful setting. We have been delighted with everything we have found here.

As a former teacher in need of a current teaching certificate, I could not have been happier with what Highlands offered, especially after I met the chair of the education department, Dr. James Abreu. Since then Jim has become a mentor, a teacher’s friend, and for the last year, my boss.

From the “outside,” as a citizen living in the WLV school district, I have seen how much he has impacted the district and has been a healing influence at West. Now that I have been a teacher at Family Partnership for the past year, I have seen his extraordinary influence from the “inside.” He has reinvigorated the faculty, staff, and administration in the district. I personally have become a better teacher as a result of his leadership, and that’s a hard admission to make for someone with 16-plus years of teaching and administrative experience at both high school and college levels.

Having watched West from both the outside and the inside, it has been a quantum improvement over what it was when Dr. Abreu took over. Yes, it is not perfect, but as Jefferson wrote, our country was founded to create a “more perfect Union.” West has daily become a more perfect school district under Jim’s leadership.

Because we came to the best Las Vegas, I am proud to be a part of this community. I am also proud to be a teacher at the Best Las Vegas School District. It became so again with Dr. Jim Abreu as its educational guide.

Please have the humility and wisdom to reconsider your decision not to reconsider.

Charles Peterson

Las Vegas