Letter: Abreu was an able captain

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By The Staff

Imagine a cruise ship whose captain is required to set and maintain the course, handle disgruntled passengers, manage an increasingly dwindling cash box, assure quality on all decks, feed and nurture all members of the ship’s crew and passengers. In addition, this captain holds responsibility for the intellectual and physical development of all members of this floating community. There are occasional leaks, rough seas, and perhaps an iceberg at times. Successful voyages demand a qualified captain.

We have had the good fortune to watch Superintendent Jim Abreu captain his boat through all kinds of weather with skill, kindness, and unyielding clarity for the benefit of children.

Rio Gallinas Charter School, under the authorization of West Las Vegas Schools, is in its sixth year of operation. The success of our school is due partly to the support we have received from the West Las Vegas administration and staff at Central office.

We are saddened that Superintendent James Abreu has not been rehired for another term.  At this time we want to openly thank him for his support of our school and willingness to give administrative advice. Dr. Abreu has maintained an open-door policy, making himself available to our school’s needs. Communication was clear, open and honest. He has always been encouraging and supportive of our efforts. Thank you Dr. Abreu.  We wish you well on your next educational endeavor.  

Cindy and John McLeod

Las Vegas