Letter: AARP members visit patients

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By The Staff

The local AARP Chapter of AARP No. 3258 members spent a day of service with patients on Sept. 11.

Rosie Armijo played the piano and accordion as she also had a sing-along. Her music brought out the spirit and joy in all of us.

Another activity which brought out excitement in the patients was the selection of their choice for a hygiene product. AARP members bring hygiene products to the monthly meetings and they are taken to the nursing home for distribution.

Many of us, as we get older, are able to make our desires known as to whether we want to stay home or go to a nursing home. From what I have observed about the Vida Encantada Nursing Home atmosphere, it could be a home away from home for me. I praise the management and staff for the care that they provide for their patients.

Cecelia S. Gallegos


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