Let's hope board is right

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By The Staff

An elected body should think long and hard before it rejects the advice of its hired professionals. Ignoring that advice is exactly what the Mora school board did recently.

Mora Superintendent Dora Romero said she had proposed that the district hire a third-party engineer for a planned multipurpose sports complex “in order to gain perspective as to what actually needs to be done in our situation.”

That’s because the Mora district discovered a problem of water bubbling through to the surface at the site — apparently a historic phenomenon in that area.

Romero’s recommendation seemed sound because the design professionals hadn’t predicted the problem, for whatever reason. So it was likely prudent to have a third party look at the situation to make sure the designs were correct.

Unfortunately, the board voted 4-1 to go with the original plans. In other words, there will be no third-party engineer to examine the situation. In so doing, the board apparently doesn’t want to go with the idea of the current architect to raise the surface of the site in question, which presumably could have helped solve the water problem. That would have cost more money than what the original designs called for, but some have argued that doing so would have saved much more because the bubbling water could have destroyed the entire multimillion-dollar project.

We hope the board made the correct decision. Otherwise, the taxpayers could end up with a huge tab in the long run.