Let’s put an end to dogfighting

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While we’re on the subject of dogs and chains, there’s a little something else that has been bothering me for a couple of decades now, and that’s dogfighting. Dogfighting hurts my feelings, but enough about me. I’m sure the dogs don’t like it either.

Back to me, I don’t like it when people train, usually, pitbulls, to fight and kill each other. I don’t like it when dogs are “pitted” against one another and made to fight in enclosed plywood “pits” for up to two hours until one or both dogs is unable to go on. I don’t like that these fights are filmed and bet on with big-time money.

I feel terrible that dogs are raised for the purpose of making their owner rich and famous. I can’t stand that, from puppyhood, these dogs are neglected and abused, kept hungry and thirsty, without shelter and at the end of a chain or in a cage all their lives in an effort to make them tougher and better fighters.

I hate that other innocent animals are sacrificed in the name of training and that small animals are stolen, hung from ropes, chains and harnesses and used as live bait. If bait  animals are still alive after training, they may be given to the dog as a reward to finish the killing.

After a fight, both dogs are usually critically or fatally injured. They suffer shock, dehydration, exhaustion, puncture wounds, broken bones, and ruptured lungs; they bleed to death or die from infection. These dogs are not taken to a vet. A dog that loses a fight may be beaten, tortured or shot.

To say the least, dogfighting encourages insensitivity and total disrespect for the suffering of all living things and enthusiasm for all kinds of violence.

Come on, people, I shouldn’t even have to say this! Stop pretending! Work with me here! Evil’s not going to fight itself!

Connie Mack
Las Vegas