Let’s pass the bill

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Our New Mexico Faith Communities and the Legislature :

Native American  practitioners, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists. All of these, and others, comprise the human tapestry of faith communities in New Mexico. And at the heart of all of these traditions lie the shared values of respect, equality,  justice, and our moral responsibility towards the disenfranchised in our communities, and for the common good — especially in education, safety and health, care for our elderly, and stewardship of our public lands. And within our traditions is the understanding that manifesting these precepts is part of one’s spiritual path, just as is prayer and praise. In fact, I think we might agree that our efforts to fulfill our shared responsibilities for each other and for the land that supports us, is actually one of the ways we do pray and praise.  

And yet we’re laying off teachers, police and firefighters, counselors and caseworkers because New Mexico doesn’t have enough revenue to pay for them.

New Mexico is also one of the few states left that allow corporations that are making a profit in our state, and who conduct business in other states as well, to NOT pay the tax on their local profits that all NM based businesses pay each year ! Conservative estimates indicate that this lost revenue amounts to tens of millions of dollars each year.

Senator Peter Wirth has introduced legislation for the last 7 years to require those corporations to pay their fare share. That $70+ million dollars could have paid for a lot of teachers, firefighters and elder-care givers.

Senator Wirth is introducing this legislation again this session as Senate Bill # 9.

Let’s finally pass it!.  Call your Senators. It’s part of how we manifest our Faith and our humanity.  If not now, when?      

Andrew Gold
Rabbinic Pastor, Las Vegas