Let’s not foul our own nest

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We live on the blue planet. Safe drinking water has been at the heart of all successful communities over the span of human time. The Upper Pecos Watershed is fragile, in drought and on a dangerous precipice of not having adequate quantities or quality of water for life as we know it here. Our fire danger right now is at an all-time high.

The prospect of further endangering the water of our local citizens and ecology threatens our very existence in this community. Nowhere in the state of New Mexico is the situation already more grave when it comes to water than right here in San Miguel County.

Why would we take such a risk as extinction of our safe water for drinking?

We elect our officials to act on what is good for the all and to be courageous leaders in the face of such overwhelming odds that our water will be polluted by the oil and gas industry as it has been in so many other communities.

There is no question that adding polluting hazardous chemicals to water only ensures that you will have polluted water. Water is the universal solvent, embracing these other toxic chemicals and then flowing on, now deadly.

Then, how will we pay the long-term price tag of polluted waterways, sick people, destroyed ecosystems, dead animals, decreased business and so much more. Will people want to live here then? Will it be safe? Why would we choose to foul our own nest?

Ellen Drew