Let’s be civil

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By Optic Editorial Board

We understand the concern that some in this community have about Gov. Susana Martinez being selected as this year’s grand marshal for the Fourth of July Fiestas parade.

Martinez has done a great deal to help this community address its precarious water situation, and for that, she deserves our gratitude. But the fact is that this is a gubernatorial election year, and Martinez, a Republican, is running for re-election.

She is locked in a nasty battle with Gary King, the Democratic nominee for governor. Selecting Martinez as this year’s grand marshal gives the impression that the city of Las Vegas is endorsing her, and that is simply inappropriate. The 4th of July Fiesta Oversight Committee and the city should have exercised better judgment.

That said, Gov. Martinez is this year’s grand marshal, and she deserves to be treated with respect while she is here.

There has been Facebook chatter about the governor’s visit in recent days with some people saying that they plan to boo Martinez or take other action to make her feel unwelcome during Saturday’s parade.

We urge those people to reconsider.

Being rude to the governor isn’t going to accomplish anything. Worse yet, it’s akin to inviting someone into your home only to turn around and insult that individual. That type of behavior would reflect poorly on our community.

Las Vegas is better than that.

So whether you support the governor or not, please be civil. The same goes for King, who will apparently also be walking in Saturday’s parade.

Let’s treat both of them the way that we would like to be treated if we were in their shoes.

Rooting for Litherlands

We were saddened by the troubles Community 1st Bank has been experiencing.

Problem loans have prompted federal and state regulators to force the bank to make a series of changes. Among the changes they are requiring is that bank CEO Ray Litherland be replaced by a new CEO. Litherland and his family will continue to be involved with the bank even after a new CEO is found.

Regardless of the issues the bank is facing, deposits at the institution are safe. They are insured up to $250,000.

Community 1st Bank, formerly 1st National Bank, and the Litherland family have been good neighbors in this community.

Besides helping local people and businesses with loans, they have been generous when approached for donations by various community groups.

We hope the bank and the Litherlands will overcome the problems they’re facing and emerge even stronger.