League disputes official's comments

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By David Giuliani

A leader in the La Plaza Little League says his group works hard to pick up trash, disagreeing with the assessment of a city official.

Earlier this month, Carlos Ortiz, the city’s public works director, said his workers have to spend hours cleaning up after league games. He suggested the city enter user agreements requiring the eastside Las Vegas Little League and westside La Plaza Little League to pick up litter after their games.

However, Sam Lujan, La Plaza Little League’s vice president, said last week that his league has a group of volunteers dedicated to picking up trash. He said they don’t usually do it the same night because the games end so late. Rather, the group of volunteers takes care of it when they are lining the fields the next day.

Lujan said he doesn’t know of any city employees that clear the litter.

“I don’t know what trash Carlos cleans up. They have never cleaned up our trash,” he said, adding that spectators should be depositing their trash in receptacles.

Ortiz didn’t return two calls for comment over the last week.

Lujan said that not until last year did the city really pay attention to problems with the westside Rodriguez Park. He said Ortiz has had a family connection to the eastside league, which he believed resulted in more of a focus on the eastside Keyes Park fields.

Lujan said Rodriguez Park is having a constant problem with clogged toilets.

He added that Luna Community College’s baseball team plays games at the field but hasn’t typically picked up its trash.

Peter Ortiz is Luna’s coach as well as the city’s parks supervisor.

Lawrence Quintana, Luna’s athletic director, couldn’t be reached for comment Friday.