Las Vegas won’t have lobbyist

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By David Giuliani

The city won’t have a lobbyist to promote Las Vegas issues at the state Legislature — at least for next year.

At this week’s meeting, the City Council considered a proposal to include lobbyist duties for the position of grant writer.

Councilman Morris Madrid said he opposed including lobbying among the grant writer’s duties. He said the skills required for lobbying were quite different from writing grant proposals.

He proposed to approve the grant writer’s job description but without the lobbying duties. “The best lobbyists are at this table,” he said, referring to the council.

The council split on the issue — Madrid and Cruz Roybal in favor of striking lobbyist duties from the description and Andrew Feldman and Diane Moore in opposition.

Marquez broke the tie in favor of Madrid’s proposal. So the job description won’t include lobbying responsibilities.

At a council meeting last month, state Rep. Richard Vigil, D-Ribera, encouraged the city to hire a lobbyist, saying it was important to have someone in Santa Fe to track developments throughout the year.