Las Vegas police warn public about scam

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Submitted to the Optic

Las Vegas Police are investigating a common scam technique that’s has a troubling new element. The Police Department regularly receives reports of telephone scams involving a suspect calling a victim and claiming that the victim has won a large amount of money or other prize such as a scratch card. The scammer then tells the victim that all they have to do is give a credit card number and the scammer says to meet the victim at a specific location in Las Vegas and the scammer gives the victim a scratch card called the “Green Dot Money Pack” supposedly worth $300. The scammer identifies himself with a fictitious name and company logo of “Winners International.” Most of the scams involve an attempt to get the victim to wire transfer or give their credit card number to the scammer.

The Police Department is advising residents to be wary of phone calls soliciting any type of personal information or transfer of any monies either by credit card or wire transfer. Anyone receiving a call from someone that requests for money or personal information should call 425-7504.