Las Vegas needs Amtrak service

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Back in August of 2009, when I was inquiring about the Rail Runner Service being extended from Santa Fe to Raton, I wrote to then-Gov. Bill Richardson. He referred my letter to the Department. of Transportation assistant deputy secretary.

I still have the response from DOT and based on that information, I was left with the impression that New Mexico had purchased the railroad line from Raton to Santa Fe, from BNSF. At that time it was further stated that based on the purchase agreement with BNSF, there were restrictions on the amount of service that could operate on the rail line between Santa Fe and Raton.

If such is the case, I am left with the impression that New Mexico, owns that part of the line. So why wouldn’t the legislature and governor commit to pay New Mexico’s portion to keep Amtrak coming through Northern New Mexico?

According to (a recent) article in the Optic, it seems that Colorado is seeking to come up with their portion and Kansas appears to make sure they come up with their funds too. I have written to Gov. Martinez to express my concern about this issue.

I may be misinformed on this issue, or perhaps circumstances have changed since 2009, but I am really concerned about this situation and I know the mayor and his staff are too. Just as Las Vegas is in need of sufficient water to survive, we also need the service of Amtrak.

Kim Delgado
Las Vegas