Las Vegan presents flags to schools

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By Don Pace

Staff Sgt. Martin David Gallegos is a graduate of Robertson High School, but visited both East and West schools last week to unfurl three U.S. flags flown over war-torn Iraq. 

The flags were flown by his National Guard unit in a Iraq. With each flag, Gallegos also presented a plaque describing its history. 

Gallegos is serving with the 515th Regiment out of Belen. The soldiers are stationed at Camp Bucca, a forward operating base about 200 miles south of Baghdad.

During his 15-day rest and recreation from the war zone, Gallegos presented the Stars and Stripes to the three schools where his daughters attend.   

Tiare is a sophomore at West Las Vegas High School, Shania goes to Rio Gallinas School, and Micia is in the immersion program at Los Niños Elementary.  His niece, Larrissa Gallegos, is also a student at West Las Vegas High School.

Gallegos said he is hopeful that U.S. troops can return home to their families soon.  

“The troop drawdown is definitely happening, and we’re fortunate to have some good things happening in Iraq,” Gallegos said. “We have daily contact with Iraqi civilians, so there are good things happening.”