Kids express hopes, dreams for new year

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By Don Pace

As the first week of 2011 ends, most people are back to work. The Polar Bears have had their chill and have thawed out, and most are looking to the New Year with the hope of a better tomorrow.

As the Optic found, Paul D. Henry and Union elementary students join the world in their hopes and dreams for a better future and a better world.    

Paul D. Henry fifth-grader R.J. Ortiz thinks the world would be a better place if only the lunch menu would get better.

“My hopes and dreams for 2011 are better lunches at school, and the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl,” he said. “Oh, and I hope that we will have world peace.”

K-Kids Vice President and fourth-grader Kaelee Montaño said, “My hopes and dreams are to get more projects for K-Kids and to accomplish them. Right now we have a UNICEF box that raises money for kids, and then we send it off to help them.”

K-Kids President Brandon Larrañaga, a fourth-grader who sounded like the president he is, wanted to continue the UNICEF work that began last year, but seems only like weeks ago.  

“This year we are planning to begin some community projects. We also work in the garden on the other side of the school to make it look nice. Every year we dig out the old plants and put in new flowers and trees. Sometimes we do trash pick-ups, and I think we will try to help out at the soup kitchen,” Larrañaga said. “I am also hoping that our economy improves.”

Third-grader Michael Yara said, “I’m hoping that everything is pretty good — that nothing bad happens. I’m looking for some pretty good things! I’m hoping that our food drive for UNICEF is a great success.”

Union Elementary fifth-grader Andre Luna said he hopes his grandparents can move to Las Vegas, where the climate is much better than where they now live.

“I hope that my grandpa and grandma get to move, because they don’t want to live in Oklahoma anymore, it’s way to muggy and hot there. And let me tell you I sure hope we have a better economy in 2011,” he said.

Third-grader Olandis Gonzales said, “During this brand new year I hope we get more money for our school, but more than anything I want my grandma to have a better life.”

Fourth-grader Christiana Garcia says her main goal is to keep getting good grades.

“I also want a peaceful world, and it wouldn’t hurt to wish that my family gets more money in the new year,” Garcia said.

Mateo Gold is a fourth-grader who says this world would be a better place if he could get along better with people.

“I just want my family and everyone else to be happy,” he said.