Keep debate on rally civil

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A few things occur to me after reading all of the letters to the editor about the bike rally.

One is that those who are truly convinced of the merits of their positions do not need to resort to sarcasm, personal criticism of others and preposterous suggestions concerning how to handle the ever-burgeoning bike rally and issues arising from it.

Further, it is unwise for the city to allow any special interest to take over the city. All citizens of Las Vegas must have equal consideration under the laws. Indeed, individuals cannot safely and legally remedy the undeniable challenges posed by the bike rally. Our city leaders now have an opportunity to exercise wisdom in identifying and mandating workable strategies as planning for next year’s (perhaps even bigger, according to some) rally gets under way.

There are crowd and traffic control strategies which can be employed, strategies for enforcing the existing Las Vegas Criminal Code Noise/Nuisance Ordinance and strategies to help assure that all town citizens and rally attendees enjoy the events, if they choose to participate. I would like to think that the city leaders are able to rise above all the chatter and take on their obligation to face this difficult issue with fair-minded fortitude and resolution.

Karen Louise Brooks
Las Vegas