Judge named for animal control case

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By David Giuliani

The city is hiring an interim Municipal Court judge to deal with a case involving an animal control issue.

Last week, the City Council voted unanimously for Santa Fe-area attorney Santiago Juarez, a former Las Vegas resident, to preside over the case.

Mayor Alfonso Ortiz said the city wanted a person not familiar with the community and who wouldn’t bring any pre-conceived notions to the case.

The case involves Carlos Sandoval, who was cited for not restraining his dog during an alleged attack. He was also cited for not licensing his canine.

Deborah Barrera contends she was attacked while walking her three dogs on Seventh Street last August when a bull mastiff owned by Sandoval charged through an open gate, attacked her terrier and bit her hand when she attempted to intervene.

However, a city animal control report states that a treating physician indicated that the mastiff couldn’t have bitten Barrera.

Barrera has argued that the city is trying to protect Sandoval because he is the son of a “prominent” business owner in town. She has maintained the case is an example of politics as usual in Las Vegas.

Barrera received three citations for failing to get licenses for her three dogs. She said she paid the court costs and the sentence was deferred.