Jail Log - March 21, 2014

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The following individuals were booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center between March 12 and March 17.

Tatiana Vigil, 29, probation violation: positive UA (meth, heroin)
Gabriel Quintana, 32, failure to comply with conditions of release, bench warrant SM District
Andrew Shafer, 22, hold for court
Elizabeth Chavez, 37, sevenday commitment
Joseph Martinez, 42, probation violation: positive UA (meth, heroin)
Arthur Vigil, 56, disorderly conduct
Heather Martinez, 29, three  counts child abuse, DWI second offense, driving on suspended revoked license, no child restraint.
Brian Poisson, 35, aggravated assault on household member, false imprisonment, criminal damage to property, probation violation: new charges
Jonathon Lucero, 39, aggravated DWI (first offense), roadways laned for traffic, careless driving, negligent use of a deadly weapon.
Leonard Lucero, 39, Curry County
Crystal Sanchez, 22,  structure burglary
Lisa Velasquez, 44, concealing identity, forgery
Anthony Tapia, 28, hold for court
Ivy Taylor, 26, absconding/admission to using methamphetamine (spice)
Victoria Garcia, 27, probation violation: positive UA (alcohol, cocaine)  
Johnny Romero, 26,  distribution of marijuana, use or possession of drug paraphernalia bench warrant Bernalillo District
Carlos Hernandez, 32, aggravated DWI, roadways laned for traffic, registration on demand
Benito Mora, 35, failure to appear
Antoinette Maestas, age unavailable, probation violation: new charges (DWI)

SOURCE: San Miguel County Detention Center.


The people listed in this jail log are not necessarily guilty of the charges and may later be found innocent. If your name is listed and you are later found not guilty, bring your papers by the Las Vegas Optic, 614 Lincoln Ave., and we’ll publish an update.