Jail Log - Aug. 22, 2014

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The following individuals were booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center between Aug. 7 and Aug. 14:

Horacio Encinias, 42, six-day commitment
Dominic Branchal, 22, failure to comply, bench warrant, SM District
Gilbert Romero, 29, receiving stolen property, conspiracy, improper use of evidence of registration
Fidel Martinez, 58, failure to appear, bench warrant, SM Magistrate
Robert Palomino, 30, aggravated assault with use of deadly weapon, battery against a household member
Carlos Tafoya, 32, probation violation: positive UA (seven-day sanction)
Louanna Lucero, 30, possession, delivery, or manufacture of drug paraphernalia, probation violation: absconding
David Sanchez, 34, battery on household member, criminal damage to property
Cristopher Trujillo, 37, service of order violation, bench warrant, SM Magistrate
Nicholas Baca, 27, driving on suspended/revoked license, failure to use child restraint, no insurance
Antoinette Maestas, 43, possession of drug paraphernalia, probation violation: unable to give urine specimen
Gabriel Romero, 58, aggravated DWI (fifth), failure to yield, driving on suspended revoked/license
Patrick Urioste, 44, aggravated DWI, hunting by aid or artificial light, open container
David De Jesus, 26, battery on household member
Joe Montoya, 38, aggravated DWI, failure to report accident, careless driving, driving on suspended license.
Alexiaray Archuleta, 23, failure to appear, bench warrant, SM Magistrate/LV Municipal
Derek Andrade, 35, SM Magistrate/Adult Probation Office  
Alfred Alcon, 34, aggravated DWI (seventh), driving on suspended/revoked license, improper turn at intersection, assault on a peace officer, open container
Daniel Tenorio, 29, six-day commitment
David Maes, 53, public nuisance, shoplifting, larceny
Robert Saiz, 42, failure to comply with treatment, bench warrant, Adult Probation Office
Amanda Padilla, 30, three  counts of unlawful use of a stolen ATM or debit card, bench warrant,
Oscar Tarin Zapata, 23, bomb scares unlawful
Ralph Romero, 32, failure to pay fines, bench warrant,  SM Magistrate/LV Municipal
Mary Jo Gallegos, 52, public nuisance
Carlos Yara, 23, failure to pay fines and fees, bench warrant, SM Magistrate  
Steve Angel, 49, aggravated battery on household member, false imprisonment, interference with communications
Benito Mora, 36, probation violation: admitted to consuming alcohol
Jose Dimas, 26, probation violation: admitted to using cocaine
Michael Garcia, 35, aggravated DWI (fourth Offense)
Paul Mares, 36, receiving or transferring stolen vehicles
John Grossetete, 52, failure to appear/failure to register as sex offender
Tujuan Torrence, 20, disorderly conduct
Sebastian Gallegos, 21, failure to appear, bench warrant, SM Magistrate  
Lanette Romero, 51, 25- day commitment  
Jeremy Lucero, 29, bench warrant, failure to appear (district), failure to pay fines (Magistrate), failure to appear and failure to pay fines (municipal), bench warrant  SM District/SM Magistrate/LV Municipal
Bernie Gallegos, 26, probation violation: failure to report
Andres Coca, 28, probation violation: absconding  
Daniel Lopez, 35, contempt of court, bench warrant, Bernalillo District

SOURCE: San Miguel County Detention Center.

The people listed in this jail log are not necessarily guilty of the charges and may later be found innocent. If your name is listed and you are later found not guilty, bring your papers by the Las Vegas Optic, 614 Lincoln Ave., and we’ll publish an update.